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Re: [10GBT] Comparison Table Between LDPC Coded Modulation Schemes

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Hi Amir,
  Thanks for taking a first crack at this.  We have some initial feedback for the table you've proposed:
- Are you assuming floating point simulations for the reported results ? 
- In entry #4, this is the overall rate (bits per symbol) but there should also be an entry for the base LDPC(m,n) code parameters - block length (m) and info bits (n).
- In entry #5, are you referring to the set partitioning gain (ie: both PAM-8 and PAM-12 schemes claim a 12dB set partitioning) ?   As Prof. Lin mentioned, determining the true minimum distance of the code may not be feasible in finite time.
- In entry #6, does your definition of latency include encoder+decoder ? 
- In entry #7,  I would prefer Es/No (or SNR) rather than Eb/No (SNR per "bit") since simulations must be performed with mapped symbols - most results to date are in terms of SNR.  Also, I would suggest putting "number of iterations required" as a separate table entry since it's pretty important.
- In entry # 10, we need to include a complexity metric for the encoder as well - probably a and+xor count would suffice.
- In entry # 11, same comments on Es/No vs Eb/No data format.
- There should probably be an entry that describes the code construction as either regular or irregular, random or algebraic, and if algebraic, how the code is constructed- ie: based on RS(32,2,31) or circulant decomposition, etc ...
  - Scott
Dr. Scott Powell
Senior Manager, Ethernet PHYs
Broadcom Corp.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 7:02 AM
Subject: [10GBT] Comparison Table Between LDPC Coded Modulation Schemes

Hi All,

Attached is a preliminary comparison table which defines comparison criteria between the proposed schemes.

<<LDPC Coded Modulation Schemes Comparison.doc>>

In addition to the preliminary table, there are a couple of further comparison criteria (item #12 in the table) which I believe should be added in the future after the first round of comparison.

I would like to have feedback on the suggested comparison criteria and will update/refine them as we go along.


Amir Mezer