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Re: [10GBT] More on the PAM12 emissions

sailesh rao writes:
> Same response as to Jose.

I'm sorry Sailesh, I feel that the onus is on you now now.  Read my
email more carefully and I believe you'll see why your response to
Jose is incorrect.

> Please go ahead and fix it yourself. Your observations don't negate the
> point I've been trying to make for the past three days - if we keep sending
> the same patterns repeatedly as proposed in powell_1_0704.pdf, spiky stuff
> happens in the PSD.

Yes, that's right, spikey stuff happens in the PSD. And the peaks of
the spikey stuff are 23 dB below the data, where no one doing EMI
testing can see them.

Please fix the errors we've told you about, set the resolution bandwidth
in accordance to the EMI testing standard, and then show us the ripple.

- Glenn