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[10GBT] Items to discuss in teleconference on Thursday

Everyone who intends to call in to the diagnostics con call on Thursday...

Here are some items that I would like to discuss, split into 3 broad areas:

1. TDR functions.

a) Do we want to define functions at the same level they are currently
available in most Gig PHYs?

b) Each pair would measure reflection time. Should the resolution be
~5nS (i.e. approx 1m) & the range ~500nS (i.e. approx 100m)?

c) This would be for the primary reflection only. Should we also support
other reflections (mismatches etc.)?

d) Should we measure received amplitude? If so, what sensitivity &
resolution? Should it be -20dB (i.e. pulse amplitude/100)?

2. Equalizer settings

a) What is the required data transfer to support THP?

b) Is the format expected to be attenuation (what range) at frequencies
(how many)?

c) Do we need to do any more than provide a MIB for reading this data?

3. Canceller settings

a) Can the NEXT & echo cancellers be set up on a single ended link? (&
useful data extracted from them?)

b) For FEXT & NEXT cancellers, would the MIB be in the same format as
the equalizer & what would the ranges be?

c) For the echo canceller, would we be able to read time (i.e. distance)
to reflections and amplitude (what range) of those. Would the MIB format
be the same as for TDR multiple echo case?

If we can think of these questions in advance then it may keep the call
short and relevant. Also, if anyone can't make the call, please feel
free to send responses to the list or to me privately (I will try to
represent views that I have received in advance).

Many thanks,



Hugh Barrass wrote:

> Date/Time: July 29, 2004, 08:00 AM America/Los_Angeles
> MeetingID: 802326 (802 3an)
> Meeting Access Phone Numbers:
> San Jose Campus Extension : 27869
> Cisco Site To Site Dialing : 8-902-7869
> Local San Jose & International : 408-902-7869
> Domestic Toll Free (Outside San Jose ONLY) : 866-902-7869 ***This number
> WILL NOT work from the 408 area code.***