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Re: [10GBT] PAM8 and PAM12 sys time domain analysis

Hi Jose,

No ANEXT or other impairments except -140dBm/Hz were employed in sims
covered in the report.

Adding ANEXT would seem to be the next logical step. However, correctly
modeling ANEXT may prove a bit tricky.

As we already discussed on IEEE floor -- our agreed ANEXT models
are specified only in terms of the frequency domain magnitude (no
phase). So, the time-domain implementation has been left open up
to the user...

There could be many interpretations as to how one arrives at a
reasonably behaved time-domain ANEXT TF and its excitation method.
Our analysis indicates that end results in the system could vary
significantly on the case by case basis, depending on the methodology
used to model time-domain ANEXT behavior.

Based on the above, it may be helpful if the group agrees on and adopts
some "uniquely" defined causal, scalable time-domain capable model
for ANEXT that could be used for system qualification. One possible
example of ANEXT TF implementation in s-domain (usable in time- and
frequency- sims) is illustrated in the attachment.



Jose Tellado wrote:

>Hi Albert,
>Thank you for your detailed time-domain report, I have a couple of
>simple questions on the simulation assumptions.
>Have you included the effects of ANEXT in these simulations? If so, what
>approved PHY channel model (1-4) would this approximate?
>Did you include other receiver impairments such as residual EC/NX/FX or
>did you lump all these effect into the -140dBm/Hz noise?
>Jose Tellado
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>Hi All,
>Pls find attached pdf report on PAM8 and PAM12 systems time domain
>simulation and comparative analysis.
>Albert Vareljian