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Re: [10GBT] Reminder: Presentation submittal deadline

Dear Brad,

I would like to present this talk at the next week's mtg.
I would appreciate if you could schedule my talk on Thursday morning, since
I will arrive Wed late afternoon.

Thanks very much.


On 15 Sep 2004, Booth, Bradley wrote:
> A clarification so that there is hopefully less confusion on this:
> Addition of supporter names is permitted after the presentation
> submission deadline.  Technical additions or corrections to the
> presentation are not permitted after the presentation submittal
> deadline.  What is posted on the website on Thursday should be
> technically complete and must be used in the meeting.  If there are
> errors discovered in the presentation after the submission deadline,
> post a notice to the reflector as soon as the errors are discovered.
> During Friday's closing session, if there are any presentations with
> errors that the authors would like to have corrected, I will take a vote
> on providing corrected presentations on the website.
> =20
> Thanks,
> Brad
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>         Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 3:37 PM
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>         Subject: [10GBT] Reminder: Presentation submittal deadline
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>         Dear Task Force members,=20
>         Just a reminder that all presentations must be submitted one
> week from today.  Presentations for the 802.3an interim meeting must be
> submitted by Wednesday, September 22nd.
>         NOTE: This applies to the presentation submission.  A
> presentation request submitted on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd without a
> presentation submission on that date will be considered a failure to
> meet the presentation submittal deadline.
>         Thank you,=20
>         Brad=20
>         Brad Booth=20
>         Chair, IEEE P802.3an Task Force=20