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[10GBT] FW: [802.3] November 2004 IEEE 802.3 Meeting Announcement

Title: November 2004 IEEE 802.3 Meeting Announcement
IEEE 802.3 will meet November 15-18 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The meeting announcement can be found through the “Next IEEE 802 Plenary meeting notice” on our home web page ( It is expected that all 802.3 meetings will be held in The St. Anthony (a Wyndham hotel).

The opening 802.3 meeting will begin at 1:00 pm on November 15 , and the closing 802.3 meeting will be 1:00 pm November 18. These meetings will follow our typical agenda. (For typical ordering of topics, please see the minutes from previous meetings. A detailed agenda will be approved at the meeting.) As usual, task force, study group, standing committee and any appropriate ad hoc meetings will be scheduled between the opening and closing 802.3 meetings. It will be a busy week, and I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio . Additional meeting information follows and contact information for task force and study group chairs can be found on our web site.

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group
Intel, EC2-101
13290 Evening Creek Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
phone: 858-391-4622
mobile: 858-705-1829
fax: 858-391-4657

802.3an Task Force 10GBASE-T (Tue-Thu)
The 10GBASE-T task force will be focusing on areas where the P802.3an draft is technically incomplete, and other refinements. As technical issues are adopted by the group, specifications are being added to the draft. Those wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. Brad Booth. Availability of new drafts is announced on the task force reflector. Pre-posted November presentation availability will also be announced on the reflector shortly before the meeting.

802.3ap Task Force Backplane Ethernet (Tue-Thu)
The P802.3ap task force began review of its draft in September, developed consensus on some features and in November will be focusing on developing consensus on other technical features where the P802.3ap draft incomplete. Those wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. Adam Healey. New drafts are announced on the task force reflector as is the availability of pre-posted November presentations (shortly before the meeting).

802.3aq Task Force 10GBASE-LRM (Tue-Thu)
The P802.3aq task force is also now refining its draft. P802.3aq/D0.2 draft availability was announced on the task force reflector and pre-posted presentations will be announced shortly before the meeting. Task Force work will continue on completing and refining the draft. Those wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. David Cunningham.

802.3REVam Task Force Maintenance 8 and revision of IEEE Std 802.3-2002 (Tue)
The working group ballot on P802.3REVam passed, and comments were resolved at the September interim meeting. A working group recirculation ballot will be conducted before the November meeting, and the maintenance meeting in November will be resolving comments from that recirculation ballot. The IEEE has merged IEEE Std 802.3ah into the consolidated document, and the recirculation ballot will allow review of that merge operation.

The Sponsor ballot on this project will also be a beta test of the myBallot system that will be used on all IEEE-SA projects in 2005. The invitation for that ballot has been sent to the 802.3 invitation pool.

Rules, Maintenance, Interpretations (tentative, Tues)
The rules meeting will cover requested rules changes. Interpretation requests have been received that will need to be processed during the week. Any maintenance requests will also be considered. The procedures for introducing items for these activities are outlined on our web site.

Congestion Management Study Group (proposed 802.3ar, tentative Tue-Thu)
The September CMSG meeting concluded that the desired approaches for congestion management protocols belong in 802.1, and an overture for moving this work to 802.1 was favorably received at the October 802.1 meeting. Therefore, the November meeting time will be divided between the 802.1 issues and the supporting 802.3 work that is proposed for November approval as P802.3ar. Logistics details for the division are yet to be completed. Those wishing to present during the meeting should contact Mr. Ben Brown.

Frame Extensions Study Group (proposed 802.3as, Tue)
The P802.3as Frame Format Enhancements PAR will be considered in November. The study group will begin work on a draft and will continue to evaluate the limits on and implications of an increased maximum frame size. Implementers and users aware of legacy equipment limits less than 2048 bytes are encouraged to let the group know of those limits (e.g., clock disparity FIFO buffer sizes, fixed-size frame buffers, etc.)

Residential Ethernet Study Group (Wed-Thu)
The Residential Ethernet Study Group met for the first time in September, and began work on objectives for a possible standards project. The November meeting will continue to evaluate the market justification and advisability of initiating a standards development project to specify Ethernet operation for certain residential applications (e.g., consumer electronics).

802.3 PARs
P802.3ar, Congestion Management, will be considered at the November meeting. The PAR, criteria and background information can be found on the CMSG web pages:
P802.3as, Frame Format Extensions, will be considered at the November meeting. The PAR, criteria and background information can be found on the FESG web pages:
PARs from other IEEE 802 groups
P802.1ah draft PAR and 5C:
P802.1ai draft PAR and 5C:
P802.1aj draft PAR and 5C:
P802.11u: Wireless InterWorking with External Networks (amendment to 802.11)
P802.11v: Wireless Network Management (amendment to 802.11)
P802.16h, Improved Coexistence Mechanisms for License-Exempt Operation
P802.17b, Spatially Aware Sublayer
PoE Plus (tentative Tuesday evening)
Mike McCormack , 3Com (
DTE Power via the MDI (802.3 Clause 33), aka Power over Ethernet, aka PoE, has been a successful enhancement to the 802.3 standard that has opened new application spaces and eased the deployment of network equipment. Since the publication of 802.3af in June 2003, PoE has become the preferred power source for numerous network devices, most notably WLAN access points, IP telephones, and networked security cameras. PoE has played a significant role in extending Ethernet's reach beyond traditional applications. As with any successful technology, the market is changing rapidly and some of the market needs are not easily addressed by the present standard. Consequently, companies are releasing nonstandard, non-interoperable devices to address market needs. This has the unfortunate effect of diluting and even endangering the standard. Also, other standards organizations are working on overlapping power standards that have had the unintended effect of confusing the market. This situation is not likely to improve without attention from the 802.3 Working Group.