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Re: [10GBT] Reminder: deadline today

Title: Reminder: deadline today
IEEE P802.3an Task Force Members:
Following Brad's reminder regarding the deadline, here is some information relevant to the upcoming meeting. We currently have about 199 TBD's in Draft 1.1
The major topics are in PMA and PCS sections are:
Digital: PCS(55.3), PMA(55.4):
    Framing: Detailed XGMII to PAM12 mapping including selection of the specific LDPC code to be used and the and bit2PAM mappings for the coded bits as well as the uncoded bits. Sections, Fig 55-6, 55-7, 55.3.5, 55.3.8,
    Sets of coefficients for TH Precoders. Section
    Power backoff. Sections 55.1.4,,,
    Start-up (PMA training, polarity and pair swap patterns, PAM2 levels, state diagrams, timers, etc). Sections 55.1.4, 55.3.11.[1-3], Fig 55-13,,,
    Loop Timing. Sections
    LBER (target LDPC block error rate and link monitors). Sections,, 55.3.2, Fig 55-14,
Analog: PMA Elect (55.5)
    Transmit PSD masks
    Transmit time-domain templates - though a number of people have contacted me to say that these are not needed and not helpful - in which case we should discuss eliminating these
    Test Channel configurations for some of the tests
    Test Modes - there has been some debate on whether some of the tests should be done with spectrum analyzers or with oscilloscopes - which has implications for how the tests are specified.
    Jitter specifications
    Power backoff
A large number of TBDS pertain to Clause 28 and to the management section (55.5). There are tables with many entries listed as TBDs.
Please come prepared for a busy session as we try to fill in the TBDs.

Sanjay Kasturia
Editor-in-chief, 802.3an

From: IEEE P802.3an Reflector [] On Behalf Of Booth, Bradley
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 1:33 PM
Subject: [10GBT] Reminder: deadline today

Dear Task Force members,

Just a reminder that today (midnight PST) is the deadline for submission of comments and presentations.

Thank you,

Chair, IEEE P802.3an Task Force