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Re: [10GBT] THP Fixed Set TF


Have you tried using the receive filter presented in "ungerboeck_1_1104"
with your precoder? If so what kind of performance do you get?



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From: IEEE P802.3an Reflector [mailto:stds-802-3-10gbt@IEEE.ORG] On
Behalf Of Albert Vareljian
Sent: Saturday, December 11, 2004 2:14 AM
Subject: [10GBT] THP Fixed Set TF

Dear All,

Further to our Nov meeting discussions on fixed THP TF set,
pls find for evaluation attached material outlining 3 TF sets.
This is aimed in combination with THP bypass option -- i.e.
four THP modes in total.

All simulations were performed in time domain as per
"vareljian_1_1104" and showed reasonably good performance
with relatively short (24-Tap and shorter) FFE. Performance
impact due to 7-bit coefficient quantization effects was
found to be very small.

Similar results were observed in simulations for a 2nd order
Tx LPF @ 200 MHz as per "ungerboeck_1_1104" in place of the
3rd order Tx LPF @ 400 MHz.

Hope, the posting will stimulate discussion on our, otherwise
relatively quiet, reflector.

Happy Holidays to everyone.