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[10GBT] Revised PHY Control

Dear Task Force members,

I have submitted the attached document "Revised 10GBASE-T PHY Control with
integrated link monitor (version 2)" yesterday to Brad Booth with copies to
some of you who seem to be most interested in questions concerning 10GBASE-T
startup. Brad recommended that I send the document to all of you via the

For those of you, who received the copy of yesterday (11Oct05), please note
that I could not resist to make some changes in the attached version of
12Oct05. The changes are to enhance clarity of the text and catch a few
glitches with one exception: on page 10 the suggested value for
min_transition_count is now 128 (was 256 yesterday; I am sure this value
remains a subject of further discussion by the group).

See you in Milpitas!

Regards, Gottfried

PS: Brad, please include the attached 12Oct05 version in the meeting
material instead of the one sent to you yesterday. 


Revised 10GBASE-T PHY Control V2 12Oct05.pdf