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[10GBT] How to join a sponsor ballot group

Title: How to join a sponsor ballot group


If you would like to join a sponsor ballot group, you need to be a member of the IEEE-SA.  For information on being a member of the IEEE-SA, please see the following URL:
This will permit existing IEEE members and non-IEEE members to select from the various membership options to become an IEEE-SA member.  Note: you are not required to become an IEEE member to become a member of the IEEE-SA.

Once you have your IEEE-SA membership, the next thing you require is an IEEE Web Account.  If you are an IEEE member and have a Web Account, you will use that account even if you just recently added IEEE-SA membership.  Once you've created a Web Account, it is your account as long as you maintain an IEEE, IEEE-SA or affliated membership.  To create a new or access an existing Web Account, please go to the following URL:

Now that you have your Web Account and your IEEE-SA membership, you're ready to sign up for a ballot group.  Go to the following URL:
And login in with your Web Account information.  Once you get into the main menu, you can "Enroll/Manage Invitation Pool Memberships" to receive invitations to join various sponsor ballots.  You can also "Manage myBallot Activity" where you can see ballots and comments you are working on or have worked on.  And most importantly, you can click on "Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations".  This is where you can see all the current invitations to join a sponsor ballot group.  Once you've selected the invitations you wish to accept, please be sure to click "OK" at the bottom of the screen.

At that point, you're part of the sponsor ballot group for that project.  Once the project opens for sponsor ballot, you will receive notification how to participate in the sponsor ballot.


Brad Booth
Chair, IEEE P802.3an Task Force