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Re: [10GBT-CABLING] First Call Reminder


I'm sorry that I won't be able to join in on the call. I am trying to persuade my management to let me come out & play again - if I'm successful I'll see you guys in Santa Clara. In the meantime, please could you consider the following:

1. Remember that everything you define will need a register in Clause 45 and a MIB object in Clause 30 - I recommend that the Clause 30 objects simply mirror the Clause 45 registers.

2. You should try to avoid derived objects where reasonable - i.e. if you can pass the raw information to the management client then you don't need to pass derivations of those objects as well.

3. I would like some measure of SNR or SNR margin. e.g.

3a. Signal to Noise Ratio at the slicer; Precision 0.1dB, moving average of SNR over 1ms

(I assume that 0.1dB is reasonable and that 1ms is a good time for the averaging)

and (because management is slow)

3b. Lowest moving average SNR value since last read - definition as in 3a, but lowest value sticks - clears on read.

I'll be happy to discuss this further (but not on the call :-(


mike mcconnell wrote:
First Call Reminder

Our first channel diagnostics call will be tomorrow morning at 10am PST. The call in information is list below.

US Call-in number: 1-800-615-2820
International Call-in number: 1-719-867-0495
Passcode: 999431