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[10GBT-CABLING] Call tomorrow am

Title: Call tomorrow am

Call in information for the call at 10am tomorrow morning:

1-800-615-2820 (North America)
1-719-867-0495 (International)

Passcode: 999431

The input I've received since the last call reflected broad support for:
  1) Limited TDR functions such as:
        a) reporting length in ~10m increments
        b) shorts and open conditions
  2) SNR measurement (at the slicer):
        a) current value
        b) latched value of lowest observed
        c) latched value at start-up
All SNR values by channel

Several objections and questions about the need or value of reporting equalizer or canceller settings were raised. The primary concern is that the information is of little to no value to the end user and will be dependant on implementation.  Reporting the SNR is the critical parameter that is required since it is the key determinate for link quality/stability.

Discussion on the necessity/method to report equalizer and/or canceller settings.
TDR reporting scope
SNR reporting scope
SNR reporting resolution
Any additional proposals for inclusion