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[10GMMF] 10GBASE-LRM Interim Agenda (Proposed)

Dear All,

Here is my proposed agenda for the interim meeting.  I have tried to group the presentations by logical topics. I've also taken into account when some presenters said they needed to make the presentation due to other commitments.

As usual we will review the proposed agenda during the opening session and make any required adjustments.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Long Beach,



Opening Session
08:30           Welcome and Introduction
                Confirmation of Chair
                Appoint Recording Secretary
                Goals for the Meeting
                Reflector and Web
                Ground Rules
09:40           Adoption of 10GBASE-LRM Voting Rules and Conduct of Business
10:00   Review of Draft Project Timeline (not to be voted upon during 25 May)

10:15           Break

Proposals Session
10:30           EDC Proposal: Framework for EDC based 10GBASE-LRM
            Michael Lawton et al
11:15           Optical Mode Filtering with EDC Standard Proposal for 10GBASE-LRM,
                Heider Ereifej et al

12:00           Lunch

Channel Model and Launch
13:00           More Information on Statistical Modelling of MMF Optical Fibre Links,
                Ian White et al
13:35           Simulation and Correlation DMD based on Index Profile
                Ali Ghiasi et al
14:00           Discussion of Channel Time Variance Measurement
                Lew Aronson et al
14:25           Evaluation of Optical Mode Filtering for 300 m MMF Reach
                Ali Ghiasi et al
14:45           Conditioned Launch for 50um and 62.5 um Fibers
                Jim Morris et al

15:10           Break

Link Budget and Penalties
15:30           Updated estimates of ISI Power penalties, applied to 10GBASE-LRM
                Al Brunsteng et al
16:00           Low Speed Laser, Nonlinearities and EDC
                Norm Swenson et al
16:40           Incorporating RIN into the Ethernet Link Model for EDC
                Paul Voois et al
17:10           Channel Model Ad hoc - how do we get this started
                Led by the Chair
17:30           Adjourn for the day.


Link Budget and Penalties
08:30           EDC based 10GBASE-LRM Link Budget
                Piers Dawe et al
09:10           A Channel Metric to Enable Separation of Tx and Rx Specifications
                Nick Weiner et al
09:30           Open Source Matlab Simulation for EDC based 10GBASE-LRM
                Sudeep Bhoja
10:10           Experimental Results with TIA Round Robin MMF:
                Vendor Data for EDC based 10GBASE-LRM
                Venu Balasubramonian

10:30           Break

10:50           Comparison of Experimental Data with Theory of EDC Performance
                Martin Lobel
11:20           Multimode Fiber Mix Survey 1999 thru 2003
                Paul Kolesar

12:00           Lunch

13:30           Low Power Dissipation 10Gb/s FDDI Fiber interconnections using 1310nm VCSEL's,
                Jack Jewell

13:45           Closing Session and Motions

17:00           End of Interim Meeting - earlier if possible.