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[10GMMF] Call for proposals

Dear All,

The 10GBASE-LRM group will be meeting at the Embassy Suites, Downtown, Portland, Oregon, USA on 13 -15 July 2004.

There is an e-mail reflector.  To subscribe, use this URL:

The Chair requests draft baseline proposals and supporting informative presentations.  All draft baseline proposals submitted, should have support from multiple individuals and companies.

The goals for this meeting are:

     To adopt a baseline fiber model for 62/125 FDDI-grade fiber.

     To select baseline technologies for the standard.

     To direct the editor to draft the initial baseline draft for review at the next interim meeting.

Presentations that are focused on progressing these goals will be given preference on the agenda.

To aid you all in the work of developing contributions for the meeting.  I attach a Venn diagram and decision tree outlining the major technology choices.  I believe the diagrams include all combinations of baseline technologies that have been proposed to the Task Force.

Inspection of the diagrams will show that some technologies are already common to all or many proposals e.g. EDC other technologies are less common.  It is also apparent that the decision tree is relatively simple.

In order to judge the presentation time and to develop a draft agenda, requests for presentation time should be sent to David Cunningham ( and include the following information: 

      Name of presenter 

      Title of presentation 

      Length of time requested (this should include time for questions and answers) 

      Brief description of topic 

For this meeting we will use the procedure developed by David Law

David Cunningham
Agilent Technologies

David Cunningham
Senior Manager
Agilent Technologies
White House Road
ip phone: +44 (0) 1473 465221