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[10GMMF] Channel ad hoc - Sub-Task 2 Discussion - time variation and modal noise

Dear all
Since Thursday morning is open for ad hoc activities, its an ideal opportunity for those interested in taking part in task 2 of the channel model ad hoc to meet.

Suggested time 10am Thursday morning (default), or immediately after business is concluded on Thursday morning from any overflow of the Wednesday afternoon 'motion madness' .

Place: Embassy suites, Queen Marie

1) To define and agree the goals and activities
2) To agree a rough timeline -( task 1 timeline indicates input required by september interim)
3) To seek volunteers and name active contributers !
4) To set up a first teleconference call date for reviewing progress
5) If time permits and the group is willing, to summarize previous relevant work - a more detailed review can take place via the exploder, and discussion take place in the first telecon.

Please reply by e-mail to confirm you can attend and/or make  comments/suggestions

many thanks

Jonathan King

Big Bear Networks

        -----Original Message-----
        From: John Jaeger
        Sent: Tue 7/6/2004 6:37 AM
        Subject: Sub-Task 2 Discussion

        Dear Colleagues,

        The time is upon us to begin to work in earnest on the activities of Channel Ad-hoc sub-task 2 (combined with sub-task 5) – Time Variation Study & Modal Noise.  To that end, would like to suggest that an interested group of participants kick-off this effort & gather for a short but productive discussion while in Portland.

        The discussion will cover:

        1.      the goals & objectives for this sub task effort
        2.      review of previous work
        3.      the general time line of this sub task group

        I also like to invite anyone who wishes to give a review of previous work or related issues to send me an abstract (or presentation) before the Portland meeting, so that we may be prepared to review the previous work in this area and solicit active volunteers carry it forward in a timely fashion.

        Best regards,

        Jonathan King

        (via proxy by John Jaeger)