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Re: [10GMMF] Feature Request for 10MMF

Bruce, Val-

I did discuss with David Cunningham last evening and we'll be looking into the feasibility considerations, product timing and coverage aspects with this. We will also be revisiting the -LX4 (products for which are shipping today) coverage considerations more rigorously than done earlier. Some of the parameters being discussed for the TP3 tests, based on some of the "worst-case" fibers may turn out to be too stringent for -LX4 to support as well.

Abhijit Shanbhag,
Scintera Networks

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        From: Bruce Tolley [mailto:btolley@CISCO.COM]
        Sent: Thu 7/15/2004 9:10 AM
        Subject: Re: [10GMMF] Feature Request for 10MMF

        To all LRMers

        Sorry I could not make it to Portland. This is the last month of our fiscal
        year and I am called by a higher power to focus on near term goals :)).

        To echo Val's first point, we have been shipping -ER, -LR and -SR to
        customers for some many months now. The relevant experience for the 300
        meter goal is not comparisons to 1000BASE-SX at this point, but experience
        with deployment of the shipping port types and talking to customers about
        all the existing and potential 10GBASE- port types.

        Customers are communicating a VERY strong requirement for 300 meters on
        legacy and new MM fiber. To ignore this requirement is, at the very least,
        to neglect the broad market potential criterion. You may not agree with
        this requirement but I can tell you from personal experience it is the
        expectation today from the customers who want spend money on 10 Gb Ethernet.



        At 11:13 PM 7/14/2004 -0700, Val Oliva wrote:
        >I want to be clear, as a system vendor, that the
        >following are clear customer requirements for this
        >1. 10GMMF must support a maximum distance of 300m
        >    (not 220m, which I hear from other optic vendors),
        >    the maximum lenght for support of FDDI-grade fiber.
        >2. Ability to support single mode fiber using the
        >    same PHY or standard is critical as well.
        >Please reply to for further
        >questions about this requirement.
        >Thank you. Val Oliva
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