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Re: [10GMMF] TP2 tradeoffs project

All - not hearing any strong objections to the proposed time, let's convene the call at 9 AM this coming Friday, 7/30.
I'll post dial-in info before the call.
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Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2004 8:53 AM
Subject: [10GMMF] TP2 tradeoffs project

All -
I have been asked to lead a group to study tradeoffs between cost and performance specifications for TP2. We need to begin immediately with the objective of bringing data to the September meeting. I apologize for not getting this email out sooner, but I have been on vacation.
Reducing cost is an important motivation for this work. However, it is clear that the optical power budget is also tight. Rx sensitivities are challenging, there is some pressure on worsening fiber models, EDC implementation budgets are still being discussed, and transmitter powers need to be managed to control reliability, safety, EMI, etc. Therefore, I recommend that the focus on this study is less about promotion of low cost optics than it is about developing a set of tradeoff data for TP2 that the larger committee can use to balance and optimize against TP3 and cable plant specifications.
The starting point is slide 17 of lindsay_01_0704 (see attached - the entire presentation, given by Paul Voois, can be found at There are 5 main areas of required work:
  1. Propose/develop TP2 test metrics
  2. Simulations
  3. Experimental work
  4. Develop (relative) cost models
  5. Present tradeoff data and recommendations
More details are given in lindsay_01_0704. The last item, at a high level, should consist of (set(s) of) recommended specs, test methods, penalties, and cost impact data for TP2. The other 4 items would provide support information.
To begin:
  • The first step is to recruit participants who will actively contribute to this work. Interested folks should contact me.
  • The next step is to convene a con-call to discuss the work list, recruit volunteers, and set a schedule. Would it be possible to convene the first call early Friday 7/30? Is 8/3 an option? Please let me know so I can get this scheduled and announced ASAP. For now, I am planning on 7/30/04, 9 AM Pacific time, unless I hear otherwise.
Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications
phone: (425) 775-7013
cell: (206) 790-3240