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[10GMMF] TP3 Definition Project Conference Call: Tuesday 9am PST, 12 Noon EST, 5pm UK

Hello Everyone,

This is an invite to all interested parties to join our first call to kick off the work on TP3 Definition.

The Dial-in details are as follows:-

International Direct Dial (650) 599-0374
Meeting ID:                     801803

Agenda For Meeting

1. Gather list of attendees

2. Discuss Goals/Scope (Draft, for discussion:-)
        - Present a proposal for TP3 specification parameters and associated conformance testing during the September Meeting
        - Identify, explain, and propose recommendations on key design trade offs (i.e. simplicity of implementation vs complexity required for channel model)
        - Work with TP2 and channel groups on overall trade off choices
        - Q: Do we do any work to progress the link budget in this group??
        - ???

3. Agree Modus Operandi
        - Weekly Tuesday call?
        - smaller sub-groups meeting separatly?
        - Post meeting notes on 10GMMF reflector

4. If possible agree overall Testing Philosphy (reference
        - Stressed (normative) vs simple (informative) test
        - Adaptation speed test (seperate or part of stressed test?)

5. Develope detailed work list (& interested parties) for more detailed analysis of individual tests:-

        The following points have been taken from Lew's presentation (link above):-

                - Normative Stressed Rx Sensitivity Test
                        o Is a 2 ray model sufficient as an ISI generator?
                        o What is the best choice for relative peak height and separation?
                        o Is a certain maximum bandwidth important?
                        o Define measurement for OMA
                        o Determine S/N requirements of compliance signal
                        o Define test procedures for calibrating conformance test signal

                - Dynamic Adaptation Test
                        o Determine rate of adaptation required
                        o Determine channel simulator and time varying component
                        o Define exact test method
                        o Choose appropriate allocation for Dynamic Adaptation Penalty

                - Informative Sensitivity Test
                        o Goals for test
                        o Use simple Gaussian ISI or 2 ray model for channel
                        o Detailed parameters of that channel emulator

Please let me know if you have any comments.

Best Regards


+44 1473 465200