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[10GMMF] Meeting notes for 11th August , Channel ad hoc task 2 - time variation and modal noise

Here are my notes for wednesday 11th August telecon for task 2

please let me know any comments  or amendments 

We will meet again at 9am PCT, weds 18th August
Primary topic of that meeting, as suggested in the last telecon, is to progress the standard link so modeling and experimental can move forward 

I think that means we may have to address the following questions 
How many connectors between TP2 and TP3 ?
What's the maximum connector offset and loss ? 
and where in a 'standard link' do they occur ?
.... and the answers should be consistent with the total connector loss budget in the LRM spec (currently 2dB, consistent with previous GigE standards) 

If there's more, or different questions lets ask and answer those  - please let the me/the group know , and I'll try to put together a list into the agenda.

I'll send out call details and an agenda after the weekend 

best wishes

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From: Jonathan King 
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 8:58 PM
Subject: Re: [10GMMF] Connector offsets in Worst case model

Following the e-mail threads on connector I think I conclude that
- Jonathan Thatchers observations: imply that connector offset is truncated beyond spec (i.e. Raleigh stats won't be realistic, so they shouldn't drive a standard link model ?)
- David Cunningham: Gigabit Ethernet specs a max 0.75dB OFL loss per connector, and 0.75dB OFL loss = 6 micron offset.
Together, these would suggest that we should not consider more than 6 micron offset for any individual connector - since it would be much less likely to occur in real life and also be out of spec.

jonathan king

tel: 1 408 524 5110

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From: Jonathan Thatcher [mailto:jonathan.thatcher@IEEE.ORG]
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 10:16 AM
Subject: Re: [10GMMF] Connector offsets in Worst case model

It will be important for you to decide on the importance of the precision of
this data. During 10 Gig, we had a discussion about the relative error
implicit in this model. It was deemed to be sufficiently close as to not
require additional work.

More specifically, during 10G, I did an informal survey of two cable
manufacturers to see what their process was for "connectorizing" cables. The
basic process was that an operator "dialed in" the offset until it met
specification. A variant of the process was that the operator only corrected
when the offset was out of specification.

Both cases yield manufactured offsets which were not standard distributions,
the distributions where strongly skewed towards the specified limit. If you
think about it, in the second case, the distribution would have been close
to a standard distribution if the number of corrections was small. In fact,
the number of corrections approached 40%, meaning that without correction
only 60% met specification. You get the idea.

In these informal surveys, I did not take data, as I promised to not
interfere with the manufacturing flow; I simply watched the method.

If this is critical to the modeling you are doing, it is probably the case
that you need a more rigorous survey and statistics.


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> <Joerg-R.> <Kropp>
> Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 2:38 AM
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> Subject: [10GMMF] Connector offsets in Worst case model
> Jonathan and all,
> in the conference call I stated that I will give a detailed
> explaination why we proposed this special set of offsets.
> We took the same Rayleigh distribution as it was done for the
> 10GbE -50m multimode simulation (mean value about 3,6m and
> 7m offset with a probability of 5%).
> For the second offset we used the value which we get for two
> connectors (with the same offset) with a combined probability of 5%.
> For the third offset we used the value which we get for three
> connectors (with the same offset) with a combined probability of 5%.
> And similar for the fourth connector.
> See the short presentation encl.
> The resulting set of offsets is 7m, 5m, 4m (not 4,5m!)
> and 3,5m (not 3,0m!) and the overall probability (for
> exceeding this set of 4 offsets) is p=0,04%, which seems to
> us as a resonable value for a worst case scenario.
> Regards,
> Joerg
>  <<Connector Scenario for Worst Case proposal 2.ppt>>
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