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Re: [10GMMF] Channel Modeling Ad-Hoc: Task 2

For everyone's information, the trick with the firewall often is to use
"passive" ftp mode explicitly. I was able to get that to work with a
command-line ftp. See below.


#from browser--did not work thru our firewall

#commandline--works as long as one uses "passive" mode
login   : i8023aq
password: ieee3aq
mget *

ABR (Al Brunsting) wrote:
> Thanks.  I tried this web site without success.  My company's firewall may
> be blocking my access.

Lars E. Thon <>
Aeluros Inc., 201 San Antonio Circle, Suite 172
Mountain View, CA 94040-1254
650-917-4113(w) 650-917-7394(f) 408-439-5914(c)