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[10GMMF] Notes from Aug 31 meeting on TP3 definition

Hi Folks,

Here are the notes from the TP3 Meeting.

1. Attendees
Aronson, Lew
Castagnossi, Dan
Conway, Kevin
Dalesasse, John
Dawe, Piers
Ghiasi, Ali
Hanberg, Jesper
Jaeger, John
King, Jonathan
Latchman, Ryan
Lawton, Mike
Lindsay, Tom
Popescu, Petre
Shanbhag, Abhijit
Sun, Yi
Weiner, Nick
Witt, Kevin
Zona, Bob

2. Review Notes from Last Meeting (Aug 24)
No comments

3. Update on Experimental Results Regarding Non-Idealities in E-O-E (Abhijit)
Abhijit is continuing his work on this. Will provide an update next week

4. Discussion on Parameter Fitting for the ISI Generator (Petre)
Reviewed Petre's latest presentation (dated 28th August)

Petre presented results showing the fit vs several fiber types (all with PIE-L between 4-5dB) for a three peak impulse approximation.

There was some discussion on the filter blocks on page 5. The pulse shaping is done with a 4th order 9GHz Butterworth filter. This is used to provide rise times (20-80%) of 30ps. An additional filter LPF2 is shown (BT 7.5GHz), this one is used to represent the Rx filter and ensure that the optimization is done using the same filters in the Cambridge model branch and the approximated impulse response branch. LPF2 will  not be included in the hardware used to create the stressed signal as it is assumed inside the Rx.

Petre made a comment that he he is getting poorer fits when using a 2 peak impulse response model.

Petre's on-going work is to do the following:-
        o show PIE-L for the Cambridge vs the approximated channels (validate that the channel metric is not significanlty altered)
        o present thinking on how many impulses are requierd and which should be used for testing
                - early thinking from Petre is suggesting that 3 different responses make sense:-
                        a. quasi symmetric
                        b. post-cursor
                        c. pre-cursor
        o present thinking on the relative merits of BT filters, 2 and 3 peak impulse response models

5. Review work list of addtional items (Mike)

We had a discussion around the following stressors:-
        a. Fiber loss/dispersion
        b. Connector loss/dispersion
        c. Time varying factors
        d. Modal Noise
        e. RIN
        f. Jitter
        g. Optical signal conditioning

a. and b. are covered with Petre's work

c. needs further work and will be helped by the progress in the channel adhoc - VOLUNTEERS?

For d. and e. Lew is going to talk with Infineon folks regarding some analysis on noise powers to represent modal noise and RIN. Abhijit is going to do some thinking on an EDC chips performance with respect to different noise sources and their nature. In particular is it acceptable to emulate the noise source with a single sinusoid?

For f. Ali Ghiasi and Tom Lindsay are both going to review Lew's proposal of testing with jitter applied at a single frequency and propose if this should be changed and what frequencies should be tested.

No discussion on g.

At the next meeting we need to discuss goals for what we can achieve by the September Interim meeting.

Next call Tuesday Sept 7th. 9am CA, 12 NY, 5pm UK, 6pm Germany

Dial in Details
International Direct Dial (650) 599-0374

Meeting ID:                     801803

Thanks Everyone.

Best Regards