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Re: [10GMMF] the schedule for task 4 group meeting

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Dear Colleagues,
it is not possible for me to join the next telco, but I would like to post my suggestions about the launch conditions for the standard proposal which are already included in the current spec proposal for the TP2 test:

1. The launch condition should be specified using the EFD (encircled flux distribution) because this is a accurate definition contrary to the descriptions by offset launch or with the CPR value.

2. The goal should be to define one measurement which can be applied for 62Ám and 50Ám fibers.

3. The solution for that is to take for small radii the definiton of the launch for the 850nm high speed transmission: P(EFD)<=30% for r<=4,5Ám. This avoids to have to large power in the center area. For the large radii we should take the value which is scaled from 50Ám to 62Ám radius: P(EFD)>= 86% for r>24Ám.

4. This definition should include the launch with the offset patchcord.


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Subject: [10GMMF] the schedule for task 4 group meeting

Dear Colleagues,


I have received several responses regarding the meeting time. Also TP2 groups will have the meeting on Thursday, 9/9. Therefore, I propose to schedule the task 4 group meeting on 9/10, noon east coast, 9:00 am west coast and 5:00 pm UK. Please let me know if this will work for you.


Best regards,




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Launch condition for TP2.pdf