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[10GMMF] TP3 Agenda and NEW DIAL IN

Hi Everyone,

The dial in for tomorrows call has changed, the previous one ran its term.

The new number is:-

Dial in Details
International direct dial       (650) 599 0374
Meeting ID                              136169

1. Attendees/Notes from last meeting
2. Quick Time out - what is working and what is not? what could be done better, what needs to change?
3. Update on experimental results regarding non linearities in E-O-E    Abhijit
4. Review Parameter Fitting for the ISI Generator (Petre)
Petre's on-going work is to do the following:-
        o show PIE-L for the Cambridge vs the approximated channels (validate that the channel metric is not significanlty altered)
        o present thinking on how many impulses are requiered and which should be used for testing
                - early thinking from Petre is suggesting that 3 different responses make sense:-
                        a. quasi symmetric
                        b. post-cursor
                        c. pre-cursor
        o present thinking on the relative merits of BT filters, 2 and 3 peak impulse response models

5. Review work list for specific stressors:-
        a. Fiber loss/dispersion
        b. Connector loss/dispersion
        c. Time varying factors
        d. Modal noise
        e. RIN
        f. Jitter
        g. Optical signal conditioning.

6. Planning for Ottawa meeting