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[10GMMF] Task 1 call agenda and dial in

Dear All - sorry if you get this twice.  I'm having trouble getting it
accepted by the reflector.


Dear Colleagues,

Here are the task 1 call dial in details for the 3pm (UK), 10am (East
Coast), 7am (West Coast) plus the agenda

As you can see, there will be some critical discussion about which
perturbation set to adopt for the 81 fiber model and discussion of the
fiber set for the Monte Carlo model.  In addition, we may get to the
point where we can discuss some draft motions.  People who think they
might use the models, who do not normally dial in to task 1, may wish to
do so on this occasion therefore.

Additional documentation (outline task 1 FDDI grade talk - Richard,
perturbation set comparison - Jonathan, Monte Carlo progress - John)
will be e-mailed out to the usual task 1 mailing list.   Please let me
know if you would like to see this also

With best regards