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Re: [10GMMF] Loss of worst case test configuration

dear Joerg

task 2 reviewed its presentation for the channel ad hoc session at the upcoming September interim ; During discussion on the standard link and the justification for connector offset it was suggested that it would be very valuable to show the justification behind the figure of 7 micron worst case offset;  Would you be able to make a 1 or 2 slide summary of your work to be included in the task 2 update slides ?

If you're willing, could you send a power point version (without company logos and disclaimers) to me, which I can add to the presentation.  David Cunningham is doing the same for the work he did - it works out very nicely that 2 experts in the field take different routes to arrive at similar numbers.

many thanks


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Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 12:03 PM
Subject: [10GMMF] Loss of worst case test configuration

Hi everyone,
In the discussion for the worst case test configuration there was some discussion about the loss of connector transverse offsets if the 70/70% launch condition (which should represent the so called steady state power distribution) is applied.
I calculated the connector loss vers transverse offset for various launch conditions including the 70/70% launch.
It turns out that the loss with the 70/70% launch is somewhat larger than the 23Ám offset launch. Therefore the total loss of our worst case test configuration would be larger than 1,5dB if such 70/70% launch would be applied.

It is common agreement today to use the defined offset patchcord and I do not want to change that but I want to share the results for the sake of completeness because it shows the sensitivity of our selection on the launch conditions.


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