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[10GMMF] Participant names and commenst for Task 2 (time variation) overview slides for September Interim

Dear all
last call for comments and amendments to the task 2 slide set for Ottawa
interim......its at:

file name is

Task 2 update: Time variation and modal noise study
(22 Sept 04 rev 2, uploaded 23 Sept 04) 175K

If you'd like your name to be added or deleted please let me know ASAP
the current list of participants (ie those named themselves at >2 calls
Robert Coenen,   David Cunningham       ,   John Dalessasse,   Piers
Dawe,      Jens Fiedler,    Ali Ghiasi,   Pete Hallemeier,   Jesper
Hanberg,   John Jaeger,   Jonathan King, Paul Kolesar,   Brent Lock,
Tremant Maio,  Petar Pepeljugoski,  Petre Popescu,  Andre Van Schyndel,
Gary Schaulov, Yu Sun ,  Norm Swanson,  Lars Thon

hope to see you in Ottawa
best wishes

tel: 1 408 524 5110
fax: 1 408 739 0568

Jonathan King
Director, Optical Systems
BigBear Networks
345 Potrero Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085