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[10GMMF] Comment resolution process


In the interest of not adding more questions and thereby delaying the
start of the comment process in the meeting (which is ongoing as I type),
I thought I'd instead email some thoughts on the comment resolution process.

David was just saying that we will be spending considerable time
on comment resolution from now on. Hopefully we can tune the process
a bit long the way.


Some suggestions to streamline the comment resolution process:

1. A quick run-through to review the comments and their level of
controversy worked well, once we got started.

2. The comment resolution tool was nice, but we need to agree on
how to use it!

3. The "response" field should be updated with a clear and separate
marking of whether the comment is being flagged for additional
discussion before voting (level of controversy).

4. The response field also contains the editor's recommendation.
It should then also be marked clearly as such, to avoid confusion
with other text.

5. It would also help if we moved page-by-page (of the draft) for the
initial run-through, so that one can follow along in the draft more
easily, and related topics are seen together.

and finally:

6. Now that there is a new comment tool available, could we have the
tool and the current database available for download? I found it
sometimes difficult to follow the process without having the ability
to page around in the database myself. This is a smaller point, but it
might be useful at least to have the option.

Or is the whole tool being replaced by another web-based tool that
will also allow us to follow along in real time?