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[10GMMF] Task 4: Polarization Measurements

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To all-
today I sent a presentation of our new measurements on polarization effects to Piers for uploading to the server. (Kropp 3 1004.pdf)
We performed detailed measurements on our "worstcase" benchmark fiber and an OM3 fiber. The overall conclusions are
1. Polarization effects are very small in fibers with low profile distortions
2. Polarization effects are very small if the excited mode groups have same velocity and no significant pulse proadening is observed.
3. Polarization effects can occur if two or more mode groups with different velocities are excited which results in a pulse broadening. Different polarizations excite a different power splitting between the modes which changes the pulse profile.
4. Fiber manipulation influences the transmitted signal (by changing the polarization state in the fiber) but seems not to influence the size of the polarization effect significantly (e.g. fiber on a fiber spool compared to free lying fiber)
We can discuss the results in the telco at monday.
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Subject: [10GMMF] the minitues of task 4 Oct. 4th call

Dear colleagues,


I attached the minutes of tele-conference of task 4 group on Oct. 4th. I would appreciate your comments.

The proposed next task 4 meeting is

Oct 11th, 2004 (Monday), 11am east coast, 8 am west coast and 4 pm UK.


Best regards,