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Re: [10GMMF] Polarization effects for 10GBASE-LRM

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There are two additional known sources of polarization effects I would like to mention, in addition to the possibility of the launch-related effect which Stefano has raised. 

1. The first is well-known and is that slight core ellipticity will result in a polarization effect.  The specification for the FDDI installed base is that the core ovality be less than 6%, which is defined as Ovality = 2*(a-b)/(a+b)  * 100 where a & b are the largest and smallest "core radii" corresponding to the major & minor axes for an ellipse.  Chapter 16 of Snyder & Love on "noncircular" waveguides addresses this topic (also 13-9 p.289).  I will call this the "elliptical core effect".

2. The second is less well-known but is mentioned in the Snyder & Love references David provided, for example p.286 and pp.628-629. There is a natural birefringence because the vector equations are not perfectly symmetric, and in deriving the scalar wave equation a term proportional to (d/dr)(n(r)) is neglected. 
On page 281 Snyder and Love define "weakly guiding" as  Delta <<1 and discuss that the term is somewhat ambiguous.   It is often assumed that this would imply that dn/dr <<1 as well.   However in the manufacture of optical fibers a significant layer structure in the optical fiber is sometimes seen, particularly in pre-MBI fibers made with the MCVD method.  This can be seen in some of the profiles in the report on the 12/96-06/97 TIA /NIST fibers.  Because the index change occurs over a small distance dr, the dn/dr term is not necessarily negligible.  This effect was analyzed in detail in an OFC paper TUQ6 in 1985 by Carnevale/Potkay/Paek from ATT.
This "layer structure effect" is interesting because it will cause a polarization effect even if the core is perfectly symmetric. 

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