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[10GMMF] FW: Polarization effects for 10GBASE-LRM

Dear Colleagues,

I realized that some colleagues may have problem to receive David original
message and the attachment. Since David is off work today, I forwarded his
message on his behalf.

Best regards,

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Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 2:55 PM
Subject: RE: Polarization effects for 10GBASE-LRM

Dear Stefano and Yu,

I attach a PDF file which documents an analysis of SMF offset launch as
a function of polarisation direction.

Stefano:  I now agree with you.
The mathematical analysis I attach shows the effects that you describe
and it is perfectly consistent within the references I quoted.  I now
agree that it is likely to be the launch in combination with incomplete
mode mixing between the modes within groups that is likely to be causing
the change in impulse response (IPR) with polarisation rotation.  The
variation in IPR will be largest when the index perturbations (which are
cylindrically symmetric) cause delay splitting within groups and
significant light power is launched into the modes with such splitting.
I also agree that the scalar wave equation is sufficient to explain
these effects.

Yu: On your call on Monday I said I would provide example calculations
for coupling into the fibre.  Please accept this as my example - the
extension to connectors is straightforward.  It is school mid-term break
here in the UK so I'm taking tomorrow off work.  So this is as much as I
can get done on this this week.  I thought it best to send you what I
had done so far.

Obviously, having worked through the analysis I now agree with your
general method for analyzing connectors too.

Stefano and Yu: Please confirm that my analysis is indeed in agreement
with the concepts you have been advocating to the group.

Sorry for the stress I may have caused you during this debate,