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[10GMMF] TP3 meeting Agenda Nov 2nd

Dear TP3'ers,

Here is the agenda for our mext meeting

I think we have all changed our clocks this week-end?, in which case the meeting time remains the same for us all.

Dial in Details
Tuesday November 2nd at 9am SJ, 5pm UK, 6pm Germany
Dial in (650) 599-0374, Meeting ID:     136169

Meeting Notes, October 26th

1. List Attendees
2. Review meeting notes from last week
3. Agenda additions/changes?
4. Static Channel Methodology
    - Noise loading - update on noise calculations from Lew
    - cbannel selection process
5. Jitter
    - debate pro's and cons on i), ii) and iii) below:-
         i)   define mask and leave it to the implementor to determine what testing is required
        ii)  define mask and give the characteristics for sinusoidal interferer (pk-pk, frequency)
                - this would likely be a high frequency interferer with a separate test for tracking low freq jitter
        iii) use an approach similar to CEI. Here they use a PN sequence to phase modulate the signal. This in effect produces a signal which includes a "comb" of frequencies which are all stressing the Rx at the same time. Key question around availability of the phase modulating component.

To do list for future meetings:-
6. Link Budget
7. OMA Measurement methodology
6. Any other items?

Talk to you tomorrow.

Best Regards