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Re: [10GMMF] 802.3aq Draft 0.2 - REMINDER

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd November) is the deadline for submitting comments for inclusion in the comment summary. The summary will be creating and uploaded on Thursday.





-----Original Message-----
From: Nick Weiner []
15 October 2004 11:32
To: 'IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM'
Subject: 802.3aq Draft 0.2


Hello everyone,


The following have now been uploaded (thanks Piers) onto the 802.3aq Task Force area:


·         Updated comments report for 802.3aq Draft 0.1

·         Comment entry tool. Thanks to Brad Booth for preparing this.

·         802.3aq Draft 0.2

·         Draft D0.2diff  - Draft 0.2 vs. Draft 0.1 comparison document


The last two of these are in the 802.3aq private area.


Updated comment report for Draft 0.1


I have indicated those comments that we closed last month.


Quite a few more comments are addressed by the motions that we passed separately from the comment resolution session, or do not propose specific actions. I have left all of these “open” for the Task Force handle, or for the commenter to withdraw.


Note: The “Proposed Response” text, for each comment, is a heading. It remains in the report for closed comments.  Brad has kindly offered to adjust the comment report tool and I will take him up on this prior to our next comment report.


Comment Entry Tool


To use, unzip the contents of the folder, and just fire up LRM_Comment_Tool. Please email the resulting LRM_comments.cvs file to me at and copy David Cunningham at


Draft D0.2 (plain)


As Draft 0.1, with changes agreed in Ottawa.


Draft D0.2diff – Draft 0.1 vs. Draft 0.1 comparison


This comparison document is automatically generated and I am afraid that the clause and figure numbering has not come out entirely correctly. So the document is useful for identifying the changes, but for comments please do refer to the plain Draft 0.2 document for clause, figure, table and page references. My apologies and I’ll try to get this sorted out in time for the next draft.


Submitting Comment on Draft 0.2


Please submit all Draft 0.2 comments with references (clause, figure, table and page numbers) to the plain Draft 0.2 document.


The summary of Draft 0.2 comments will be created and uploaded on Thursday 4th November. So the deadline for comments to be included in this summary is Wednesday 3rd November.



For now, and looking forward to lots of email,