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[10GMMF] TP3 meeting Notes, Nov 9

Dear TP3'ers,

Here are my notes from yesterday's meeting :-

1. List Attendees

Aronson, Lew
Dawe, Piers
Ghiasi, Ali
Jaeger, John
Lawton, Mike
Lindsay, Tom
McVey, Jim
Popescu, Petre
Rommel, Albrecht
Shanbhag, Abhijit
Van Schyndel, Andre
Weiner, Nick
Witt, Kevin

2. Review meeting notes from last week

No comments

3. Preparations for San Antonio

        - Reviewed Mike's summary Presentation
The following comments were made:-
ACTION: Mike to update presentation and submit for Nov meeting.
        o we have agreed a jitter tolerance test method but still need to agree pk-pk UI
        o We agreed the following edits to our link budget from Oregon
                - Connector losses reduced from 2.0 to 1.5dB
                - Fiber loss increased from 0.4 to 0.5dB
                - Adaptation penalty inlcuded into implementation penalty
                - Consequent penalty goes below the line and is not needed in TP3 test
                - Total EDC penalty is 6.5dB ... haven't agreed if there is a need and how that it should be split between ideal and implmentation
        o Make to make some changes (with Piers help!) to reflect power spectral density within SNR calculations

Reviewed Lew's material
        o Agreed on dynamic adaptation test ...

ACTION: Mike to include a slide in his presentation covering this topic.
          Mike to check with Jonathan King on a representative frequency for stress testing the dynamic performance of a receiver.

Hope that covers most of the big ones!

Let me know if you have additions/corrections.

Best Regards