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[10GMMF] Comment resolution process

Nice to see you all in San Antonio.

I thought the comment resolution was speeding up noticeably this time,
perhaps partly thanks to process improvements and partly because we
are getting more used to the process.

I have some additional suggestions that might speed things up
even further. Here's what I think:

1. we should have the microsoft access comment database file available
    for download on the web, so that attendees can both prepare and
    follow along on their own screens. The pdf document is hard to read,
    hard to search, and cannot be sorted. The screen of the comment
    database interface is tough to read from the back of the room, perhaps
    because of practical font size limitations.

2. we could need a good-sized whiteboard/easel/flipchart in the
    room. Some of the comment resolution discussions become fairly
    technical, and a quick drawing or table could shorten some of the
    longer discussons that we have seen, highlight the difference between
    alternatives, etc. Supporting material in powerpoint is nice, but a
    board speeds up the real-time changes that occur when we all put our
    heads together. I believe the 3an group was doing this, presumably
    the facility had provided the board.

Is this worth a try?

Lars E. Thon <>
Aeluros Inc., 201 San Antonio Circle, Suite 172
Mountain View, CA 94040-1254
650-917-4113(w) 650-917-7394(f) 408-439-5914(c)