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Re: [10GMMF] Task 2 Slides for Dec 1st call , 9.30am (joint task 2 and task 4 meeting

In regard to Slide 1, Bullet 1, item 3,
the polarization measurement and bounds on its effect, and the estimate of time dependent effects and the bound on their effect, could we briefly review what the consensus understanding and working assumption is?

Is the bound which the group is going to use that the local MPD can vary at no more than a 10Hz rate between "states", and that the two states will have identical mode group delays but differing mode power distributions (MPDs)?

What is the suggested "bound" on the MPD variation?  Is it something like in going from state 1 to state 2, any shift in MPD can occur, with the practical limitation that power does not appear in "state 2" in mode groups which had "zero" power in state 1?
                Hence pre-cursors can change to post-cursors or center peaks, but if state 1 shows only 4 mode groups
                with "appreciable" power then state 2 will show only those 4 groups?

If  a fiber is moving from a precursor to a post cursor at 10Hz rate, then it seems like it would hit the symmetric state on a 20Hz cycle, just as cos^2 theta  corresponds to twice the frequency as cos theta (?)

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Dear Task 2 and 4 people

here are introductory slides for wednesdays call (Dec 1st)9.30am PCT best wishes  Jonathan

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