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[10GMMF] Draft 1.0

802.3aq Task Force colleagues,


802.3aq draft D1.0 is now available at, as is a comparison with draft 0.2 and the (updated) draft D0.1 and draft D0.2 comment reports.


A few notes on draft D1.0 ..


  1. I have renamed our remaining normative receiver test “comprehensive”. This is as opposed to “simple” for the informative test. (Having done away with the “dynamic” test, the name “static” did not seem helpful).
  2. I found that the draft D0.1 values for received power in OMA (min), and average received power (min), both in Table 68-4, required some adjustment in line with other changes that we had agreed. Although not addressed by comments, I have taken it upon myself to update these two parameter values.
  3. In comment 96 we agreed to add the “eye crossing” method for OMA measurement. I found that I did not have what I needed to do this in the available time, and so have just included an editor’s note indicating where it will go.


Just to remind everyone .. the deadline for submitting comments, for our January comment resolution sessions, is January 7th. Please use the clean draft D1.0 document for all comment references (subclause, page number, line number). Thanks.


My thanks to Tom Lindsay and David Cunningham for looking through the draft over the last few days, and to David Law for uploading the documents.


I look forward to lots of comments emails,