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Re: [10GMMF] Suggestions on generating TP3 stressed sensitivity t est ISI paramters

Lew, this is very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

When you say that the consensus is that there are 3 impairments,
(pre-pulse post-pulse symmetric) I'm a little unclear on what that implies.
In the case of a symmetric pulse there are, for example,
        at least two cases of interest,  a Gaussian-type symmetric
        pulse and a split-pulse (like the 1GbE "worst case pulse").
It seems to me that there are at least these 3 categories (pre- post-  & symmetric) and then
        each of these has at least 2 subcategories for FFT decays fast (Gaussian) and
FFT decays slowly (like ringing or a shelf)
                        I am probably misunderstanding something so bear with me....

Thanks again for the notes.

John A.

John Abbott
Advanced Modeling & Analysis
Corning Incorporated SP-PR-1-3
Corning NY 14831

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From: Lew Aronson [mailto:lew.aronson@FINISAR.COM]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 3:18 AM
Subject: [10GMMF] Suggestions on generating TP3 stressed sensitivity test ISI paramters

Attached is a suggested general process for choosing the final ISI test cases for the stressed sensitivity case.  Also included is a summary of the specific areas of methodology where we would need to reach consensus.  I believe that work on the mechanism of the process will be more fuirtful than discussion of the channel mode or metric choices.

I look forward to comments on this document and the specific questions raised and hope we can discuss this on our upcoming call.