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[10GMMF] reguesting pulseresponses for fibersets with connectors

Title: reguesting pulseresponses for fibersets with connectors

At the previous TP3 meeting there was a request for pulseresponses for fibersets with connectors.
I would like to repost this request, so that we all do not have to calculate the connector transfer matrix.

The easiest way would be to give a new set of pulseresponse with 2 worst case connector offset (7um). I would prefer the 108 fiber set with 4 launch conditions: 17, 20 and 23 um OSL (as before) and additional the center launch.

Alternatively we could get the transfer matrix for the 7um connector offset and then do the matrix manipulations ourself using the provided datasets.

Can anyone provide us with this?


Jesper Hanberg

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