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[10GMMF] TP3 call Meeting Notes - Dec 7

Dear TP3ers

Here are my notes from yesterdays meeting.

Any comments corrections etc please get back with  me.

Here is the agenda for the call is:-

1. List attendees

Abbot, John
Aronson, Lew
Bhoja, Sudeep
Ewen, John
Hanberg, Jesper
Jaeger, John
King, Jonathan
Latchman, Ryan
Lawton, Mike
Lindsay, Tom
McVey, Jim
Popescu, Petre
Rausch, Dan
Rommel, Albrecht
Shanbhag, Abhijit
Van Schyndel, Andre
Weiner, Nick
Witt, Kevin

2. Review notes from last meeting

No comments

3. No.1 Goal: Remove TBDs from informative sensitivity test

Sudeep presented some analysis on the appropriate filter choice for the informative sensitivity test.
In his work he took the 108 fiber model with connectors and selected impuluse responses which were both symmetric in shape and had a PIE-D of between 4 and 5dB.

He then showed that a 2GHz Bessel Thompson filter was a good average fit to the selected impulse responses. This filter bandwidth corresponds to a PIE-D of 4.75dB.

Sudeep proposed that we add a comment to change the TBD in the informative sensitivity test to 2GHz. Tom L proposed using 1.866GHz as this is the frequency used by 2.4GHz systems and hence would be readily available. We conducted a straw pole which was strongly in favour of 2GHz.

ACTION: Sudeep submit a comment to change the TBD to 2.0GHz for the Bessel Thomposon filter bandwidth in the informative receiver sensitivity test

4. Review "Process for Determining ISI impairements"

Lew presented an 8 step process for selecting appropriate channels for the stressed receiver test. The process essentially builds sieve like machine which outputs 3 test channels from a given fiber set and PIE-D assumptions.

Sudeep has offered to attempt to follow the flow chart with an example fiber set. We will use this as an example to test the process.

If it works we will be able to rapidly provide appropriate test channels on the basis of appropriate choices for fiber set and PIE-D etc.

5. Review progress against timeline

#1 Jitter TBDs removed: Tom L adding comments
#2 Informative sensitivity TBDs removed: Sudeep adding comments

#3 Tuesday 14 December
Review proposals for generating IPRs from PIE-D

#4 Tuesday 21 Dec
Deadline for IPR work. Vote to close if no consensus

Tuesday 28 Dec

#5 Tuesday 4th January
Review and decide on need for mode conditioning
Review comments needed by Jan 7 deadline

#6 Tuesday 11th January
Review and decide on test procedure and characterization

#7 Tuesday 18th January
Review and vote on any remaining TBDs in TP3
Planning for Vancouver

Best Regards