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[10GMMF] Notes for TP2 call 12/9/04

The TP2 call was held as scheduled.
  • Jan Peeters Weem
  • Ben Wilcox
  • Tom Lindsay
  • John Jaeger
  • Martin Lobel
  • Pavel Zivny
  • Petre Popescu
  • John Ewen
  • Paul Kolesar
  • Andre Van Schyndel
  • Others who did not ID?
Agenda discussed and approved
  • Attendance (see above)
  • Approve agenda (done)
  • Approve old minutes (done, no comments)
  • Progress on tasks and distribution of work (see within previous minutes, below)
  • Plans for next call (12/16)
Tasks and distribution of work
  • Our objective - resolve as many details as possible by/before comment deadline Jan 7th, 05
  • Waveform capture method
    • Pattern definition
      • ACTIONS - John and Tom to work on pattern definition. Should include lab and sim work. Greg and Pavel to consider needs for timing of pattern key.
      • John will send out presentation to summarize background, process, and properties of candidate 384 bit test patterns. Discuss in 12/16 call.
      • Tom will attempt some waveform capture and analysis with this pattern and compare to others. Goal to have done by 12/16 call. Purpose is to determine if pattern is adequate or what else is needed.
      • Greg and Pavel to work more on pattern key timing. Report on 12/16 call.
    • Trigger block
      • ACTIONS - Pavel to draft some words, review by Greg and Lew.
      • Some work has been done, but not yet ready for discussion. Please attempt a complete proposal (for comment) by 12/16 call. 
    • Waveforms
      • ACTIONS - Tom to provide waveform acquisition details to others. All to capture waveforms and distribute for penalty analysis.
      • Acquisition details complete.
      • Finisar has provided several waveforms with a good range of characteristics.
      • Intel has also sent some waveforms.
      • Call for more waveforms from other suppliers.
    • EDC simulation
      • ACTIONS - Tom to document definitions, references, architecture, and other basic approach and assumptions. Tom to check with ClariPhy on timing for sharing/review of code.
      • ClariPhy will put together an algorithmic description including definitions, architecture, and flow by early January.
      • It was asked if ClariPhy could make its code available for review before the meeting. Present code is buried in larger programs and includes proprietary content. Tom to continue internal discussions about supporting this request.
    • Noise and jitter control (review of attachment sent in 12/1 TL email, sent 21:44)
      • ACTIONS - Pavel to propose and justify pk-pk jitter metric. Pavel and Greg to propose best modes for scope and pattern. Not discussed, but the trigger recovery block for this test also needs description - can the same team as above (Greg, Pavel, Lew) please tackle this one too?
      • Some discussion outside of call, but Pavel and Greg will propose an approach on 12/16 call.
  • Statistical quality method (as introduced in dawe_1_1104)
    • No discussion this call.
  • All HW quality method
    • No discussion this call.
Next call, same coordinates
  • Date: Thurs, 12/16/04 (regular day/time)
  • Time: 9:00 AM Pacific
  • Duration: 1:30 max
  • Number: 401-694-1515
  • Access code: 421721#
In summary, plan to report progress and proposals on actions on the 12/16 call. Please let me know in advance of any agenda items.
Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications
phone: (425) 608-0209, or (949) 480-9210
cell: (206) 790-3240