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Re: [10GMMF] Task 2 and 4 slides for meeting Dec15th - OM3 fibre measurements

presuming that MMCL is the native launch from the TOSA directly into MMF, then the increase in PIE-D relative to the SMCL case would be attributable to power that gets filtered out by the SM cord.   Into which mode groups this filtered power couples is of key importance, since the modal delay difference relative to the lowest order modes will increase with mode group number, leading to higher PIE-D.   So it becomes critical to quantify the native launch.  While a CPR measurement  can be of some assistance, it can only tell us how much power lies in higher modes, not which higher modes are excited.  So its utility is very limited, unless the CPR requirement is set very low, meaning very little power is permitted to be filtered out by a SM cord.  But an encircled flux measurement could provide sufficient information.  Can you measure EF at 1300 nm?

In addition, the native launch would need to be examined with the effects of offset connections near the transmitter.  With this effect included, it is likely that the performance of this particular native launch will degrade to levels similar to those of the MCP without offset connectors (green bars on slide 5).

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Re: [10GMMF] Task 2 and 4 slides for   meeting Dec15th - OM3 fibre measurements


What is multimode center launch exactly (MMCL)?  Also, why do you have a 2nd 7 um offset connector in the 50 MCP case?
It is shown after the main spool so I presume it does not have a large effect, but what was the motivation?

Finally, did you ever test any of the OM3 with a 62-MCP (i.e larger offset than 16 um).


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fibre measurements

Here are some measurements of OM3 fibre PIE-D values for various launch
conditions, contribution for task 2 and 4 meeting on wednesday 15th Dec
best wishes


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