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Re: [10GMMF] Task 2 and 4 slides for Dec15th - OM3 fibre measurements

In your and Stefano's contribution to Task2/4  this week you provide bandwidth plots on the right side of three slides showing the trend with offset.  I have two questions:
1. In each of these there is a horizontal line at about 1.6 GHz-km that appears to be labeled OFL.  Is this the OFL BW at 850 nm?  
2. The horizontal axis is labeled "radius of launch (um)".  This can be interpeted in two ways.  Is it the encircled flux radius at perhaps 86% level, or (more likely) the offset radius of the launch?

Thanks in advance for the clarifications.

Paul Kolesar

"Joerg-R. Kropp" <Joerg.Kropp@INFINEON.COM>
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12/15/2004 09:21 AM
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Re: [10GMMF] Task 2 and 4 slides for Dec15th - OM3 fibre measurements

Jonathan and all,
please find enclosed further simulations about the OM3 transmission and our proposal based on that simulations.
I hope it will be possible to discuss that today.
I have to cut the presentation into two because of the 100k limit.
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