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[10GMMF] TP3 call Meeting Minutes Dec 21

Dear TP3ers

Here are my meeting minutes from yesterdays call ...

Here is the agenda for the call is:-

1. List attendees

Aronson, Lew
Bhoja, Sudeep
Dawe, Piers
Everett, Keith
Ghiasi, Ali
Hanberg, Jesper
Jaeger, John
Kolesar, Paul
Lawton, Mike
Lindsay, Tom
Popescu, Petre
Rommel, Albrecht
Weiner, Nick
Willcocks, Ben
Witt, Kevin

2. Review notes from last meeting

No comments

3. Review Sudeep's progress regarding selecting IPRs

Sudeep presented a refined technique for selecting Pre, post and quasi symmetric impulses.
The new approach had the following improvements:-
        i) technique captures split pulses which are symmetric
        ii) a broader window of pre and post cursor selected.

The new approach demonstrated significant progress and was well received by the group.
There was some discussion around how we would progress to pick the appropriate channel for testing from within the three categories.

4. Review Petre's progress on selecting fit parameters

Petre needs time and magnitude information to progress this work.
Sudeep is going to provide this to both Petre and Jim McVey

5. Review progress against timeline

We reviewed the key areas and named go-to people to work with for comment resolution.

The following areas and folks were identified:-
        Jitter: Tom Lindsay
        Informative Rx Testing: Sudeep
        Stressed Rx testing: Lew
        Mode conditioning: Lew
        Test procedure and signal characterisation: Lew

Please work on your comments for discussion at the Jan 4 meeting

6. Walk-in items


Thanks to everyone for helping to progress this work, and making leading the TP3 group an enjoyable experience!

Best Regards