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Re: [10GMMF] FW: [10GMMF] call details for task2 & task4 launch study meeting (weds 9.30 am, Jan 19th, )

Dear All,

I am sorry I can not be on the call today due to travel.

I do not support the inclusion of Primary, Alternative and Universal Launch in one table in the standard.  This will not resolve my comments.  I believe the choice is between:

1) A table with a Primary Launch (Offset Launch), and an Alternative Centre launch.
2) A table with Primary Launch (Offset Launch) - re-use of MCP's from GbE.
3) A table with a Universal Launch.

Choices 1 and 2 enable the same use model of the MCP and transceivers for LRM as is currently implemented for GbE. I have had feedback that this is acceptable to my customers.  Therefore it is acceptable to me.

1) or 2) with the current use model of MCP's reduces PIE_D to values that are likely to be equalized on all fibres we have in our laboratory and easily reaches the 99 percentile requirement of 802.3.  With this choice I do not have to worry about failures on PIE_D in customer testing.

I am still willing to consider 3 but I have not been able to convince myself that 99% coverage is possible.  I was very happy with 3) for 220 m to 250 m.  But we voted for 300 m and that makes a big difference.  Please help me understand how 3 reaches 99% coverage and is made successful on all laboratory fibres that are likely to be used by my customers in testing.

I thought I should make this clear ahead of next weeks meeting.


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study meeting (weds 9.30 am, Jan 19th, )

 launch recommendations table rev 0.3 (attached) for discussion
wednesday 19th

best wishes


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