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[10GMMF] TP3 No meeting notice: February 1, 2005 No meeting

Hello all TP3 people,

Based on conversations with various people at the Vancouver meeting, I am proposing that we discontinue the weekly TP3 call until the work required by our sub-group requires further calls.

At Vancouver, we completed the receiver test sections with the simple and comprehensive stressed receiver tests and the receiver jitter tolerance test.  We set parameters in support of these tests.  I know that there is some continuing e-mail traffic about these parameters, but I feel that it has not coalesced yet. I would suggest that we use the e-mail reflector, work on studies and presentations in support of aspects of the discussions, and when ready move for the TP3 conference call to happen again.

If you feel strongly about the call now, or think it is required in the future, then please send me your agenda items.

Thank you all of you for your help in making so much progress in advancing the 802.3aq standard.

- Jim McVey

+ 1 650 740 7732