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[10GMMF] Task2 and 4 launch study meetings - what next?

Dear Task 2 and 4 participants in the launch study group
Good to see and meet with you all in Vancouver.

I thought it may be useful to have a brief call this Wednesday 9.30am
What do you think ? - please respond either way - if I get no replies
I'll set up the call and risk sitting in silence for an hour!

In particular I'd like to canvas opinion, following the (very productive
!) Vancouver meeting, on what we should be doing next on the launch
issue, and whether that is best done in the Wednesday teleconference
call for the launch study group, or as individuals in the form of
comments on the next draft ?

Call details as usual (I'll send a reminder tomorrow).
1) attendees
2) Joint task 2 and task 4 launch study
        a) status after the Jan 05 meeting
        b) discussion of residual items for launch study group

3) other business
4) next meeting date/time if needed

best wishes

 Jonathan King

tel: 1 408 524 5110
fax: 1 408 739 0568

Jonathan King
Director, Optical Systems
BigBear Networks
345 Potrero Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085