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Re: [10GMMF] Task2 and 4 launch study meeting minutes for Jan 2nd 2005

Dear launch study participants
Yes really this time, here are last weeks minutes, and the call details for weds 9th at 9.30am PCT 

here are the details for wednesday's call 
* Date of Call:     02/09/2005
* Time of Call:    09:30 Pacific Time
* Expected Duration:    60 minutes

Call Type:    Automated

Dial-In Number(s): 
* US/Canada Dial-in #:     (877) 256-9057 
* Int'l/Local Dial-In #:     (706) 643-2673 
* Passcode:   361125

1) attendees
2) Joint task 2 and task 4 launch study
        a) John Ewen - correlation of OFL and OSL launch bandwidths
        b) John Abbott - plots of PIE-D vs OFL BW	
                (note also the Gen67YY results John A posted on the tools page in the Monte Carlo folder at    )

3) other business 
4) next meeting date/time if needed  

best wishes

tel: 1 408 524 5110 
fax: 1 408 739 0568 
Jonathan King 
Director, Optical Systems 
BigBear Networks 
345 Potrero Avenue 
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 

Task2n4 mins-Feb2-05.ppt