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[10GMMF] Next TP2 call 2/17/05

Next call
  • Date: Thurs, Feb 17, 05 (regular day/time)
  • Time: 9:00 AM Pacific
  • Duration: 1:30 max
  • Number: 401-694-1515
  • Access code: 421721#
  • Agenda
    • Attendance
    • Agenda
    • Review old minutes (2/10)
    • TP2 topics (see below)
    • Next meeting/call - 2/24?
    • TWDP test pattern (from AnAi or BnBi)
    • RJ 
      • Can RJ magnitude, currently 0.033 UI rms be reduced. Evidence of modules < 1 psec.
      • Scope folks to report on instrumentation RJ capabilities.
    • Clock recovery/tracking
      • Uncorrelated jitter test - CR should track per 4 MHz high pass spec.
        • Questions to scope folks
          • How sensitive are the tracking bandwidths of CRs, new and old, to the 4-11 variations in square wave pattern? Do some lose lock as run lengths get too long or short?
          • How do histogram accumulation times compare between using one edge of a 16986 bit pattern vs. a square wave?
        • From this, determine which type of waveform is preferred for this test.
      • TWDP test
        • Watch this and see if a need comes up from analysis or testing.
    • OMA square wave pattern
      • Can we change run length range in LRM, currently 4-11, to something like 8-11?
    • MATLAB code review
      • Progress on independent calculations?
      • How many channels/fibers are required for TWDP test?
    • More TP2 waveforms - need to evaluate more transmitters, receivers, waveshapes, etc. to be sure we set limits correctly. TWDP and TP3 limits currently ~5 dB.
    • Rx overload (driven by Rx folks?)
      • Watch and respond as required.
    • Other topics? Key comment items for D1.1?