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[10GMMF] 802.3aq Draft 1.1 - Comments by Friday

Hello again everyone,


Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting your comments on Draft 1.1 is this Friday (25th February).


I look forward to receiving your comment emails,




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nick weiner []
11 February 2005 19:45
'IEEE 802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM'
Subject: 802.3aq Draft 1.1


Hello 802.3aq Task Force colleagues,


I am pleased to announce that 802.3aq Draft 1.1 is now available from our private area -


The document comparing the new draft with Draft 1.0 will be available very soon (I’ve just emailed it to Piers).


Several of the comment contributors have provided help in checking pre-release revisions of Draft 1.1. I wish to thank Lew Aronson, David Cunningham, Tom Lindsay and Jim McVey for their help. I am hugely grateful to Piers, who has devoted days of his time to reviewing the pre-release revisions very thoroughly, and has provided a great deal of excellent advice.


I also want to thanks Brad Booth for help with the changes to other clauses section, and to thank David Law for being extremely generous with his time in helping me to get the document into shape over the past few days.


The final comment report on Draft 1.0 has been available since 26th Jan. There are a number of supplementary documents, and these will be uploaded over the coming days.


The deadline for submitting your comments on Draft 1.1 is Friday 25th February. I will be publishing the comment summary on Monday 28th February, in preparation for our March meeting.


As before, please use the LRM_Comment_Tool (available from the 802.3aq area) to capture your comments, and email the resulting files to me at and copy David Cunningham at


Please make your comments with reference (page number, line number) to the “clean” version of Draft 1.1.


In January we approved a motion to make Draft 1.1 available to 802.3 for preview, in preparation for seeking approval to move to Working Group ballot. For this reason David and I are expecting comments proposing only modest refinements to Draft 1.1 during this comment cycle.


Also, beginning this cycle, we are going to be strict about accepting only comments in which the proposed remedy states clearly:

·         Precise text to be removed;

·         Precise text to be added - wording as well as position within the document; or

·         Precise change to figure.


Many thanks and I look forward to receiving your comments,