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[10GMMF] Minutes for TP2 call 3/31/05

Attendance (no order)
  • Ernie Bergmann
  • Mike Dudek
  • Greg Lecheminant
  • Piers Dawe
  • Joe Gwinn
  • Vivek Telang
  • Lew Aronson
  • Tom Lindsay
  • John Jaeger
  • Petar Pepeljugoski
  • Andre Van Schyndel
  • Paul Wachtel
  • Pavel Zivny
  • Ali Ghiasi
Agreed agenda
  • Attendance
  • Agenda
  • Review previous minutes
  • Discussions
    • TWDP, waveforms, etc.
      • Uploaded waveforms
      • Broadcom analysis results
        • non-monotonicity
      • Need more waveforms over temperature, etc.
    • Other
      • Jitter waveform (see attached)
  • Next call
  • D2.0 is out for comment.
    • It can be found on the private area of the LRM web site.
    • Comments due 4/28.
    • Those who are not members should contact David Cunningham on commenting procedures.
  • TWDP, waveforms, etc.
    • Piers made a point that pre-processing is part of the overall process of going from measurement to result. We should see if folks can get the same result starting from the same raw waveform.
      • Tom will send all raw waveforms to Piers for uploading next to the pre-processed waveforms.
      • There appears to be some variation in penalties depending on sample frequency and interpolation methods. Instrumentation companies commonly use sin(x)/x method. Pavel to look into this more. ClariPhy uses cubic spline (in MATLAB). Companies should try different methods.
    • Numerous pre-processed TP2 waveforms are now on the web in the private area.
      • A separate file contains OMA and Zero values. Tom will update this to include links to eye patterns (if they exist) in other presentations and add other descriptive material, if available.
    • Broadcom (Vivek) has corroborated ClariPhy penalties from previous week (see ~0.1 dB worst case differences. Using same pre-processed waveforms, but independently developed EDC engine, so this helps validate TWDP code.
      • Tom to forward Vivek's results to Piers for upload.
    • Non-monotonic behavior in results is explained by BER-based MMSE EDC method. Taps are determined based on Gaussian assumption, but penalty is based on BER with ISI pdf that is not Gaussian. See description in Annex A of D2.0 for more info.
    • Waveform analysis
      • Main concern is that, in some cases, lab waveforms exhibit higher penalties with finite equalizers than the Gaussian waveform, even when their PIE-D values are lower. Close to 0.5 dB has been seen. Not clear how this might impact budget or coverage.
      • Need more waveforms to analyze that represent the expected/desired range of performance over process, environment, aging, etc. No need to disclose details of how waveforms were generated, but committee should be sure that penalty limits allow what is appropriate for cost-effective designs. Some impairment variables were suggested: bias, temperature, and electrical coupling & matching.
      • Not discussed on call - be sure captured waveforms are not inverted!!
  • (Uncorrelated) jitter
    • Reviewed jitter waveform Tom had included in meeting announcement. Agreed it is better than present square wave and should be submitted unless upcoming work dictates otherwise.
    • Lots of discussion about which edge - rising vs. falling (or both), single vs. many (or all), worst vs. a rss method, etc. No conclusion, but suggested that folks get in lab and determine what is required. A goal of the spec is reasonable accurate and simple.
Next call - 2 weeks. This will give TP3 some time to generate some new stressors.
  • Date: Thurs, Apr 14, 05
  • Time: 9:00 AM Pacific
  • Duration: 1:30 max
  • Number: 401-694-1515
  • Access code: 421721#
Please send comments or corrections.
Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications
phone: (425) 608-0209 or (949) 480-9210
cell: (206) 790-3240
fax: (425) 608-0232
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Dial-in details
  • Date: Thurs, Mar 31, 05
  • Time: 9:00 AM Pacific
  • Duration: 1:30 max
  • Number: 401-694-1515
  • Access code: 421721#
Proposed agenda
  • Attendance
  • Agenda
  • Review previous minutes
  • Proposed discussions
    • TWDP, waveforms, etc.
      • Uploaded waveforms (per agreed format)
        • Need more waveforms over temperature, etc.
      • non-monotonicity
      • New waveforms for finite EQ penalty analysis
      • Broadcom analysis results
    • Other
      • Back reflection - any progress?
      • AC coupling - no progress
      • Jitter waveform (see attached)
      • Test patterns... (I'll try to have something by the call)
  • Next call (I may need to skip a week)